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FasteCash Pay4Me

FasteCash Pay4Me is a service specifically designed for those that will like to pay for digital services or products on websites that do not accept payment from Nigeria.

It is also available for those that do not have credit/debit cards to make payment online.

Pay4Me service will also be helpful if you want to purchase digital products from merchants that process their payments with PayPal, Digital Rivers, Skrill and other payment services that do not accept payment from Nigeria.

We have track records of fulfilling many challenging and complex online payments for our customers.

Processing Digital Products/Services

One of the major digital marketplaces that do not accept payment from Nigeria is Clickbank. We have many happy customers who we have assisted in buying a lot of products from the same site.

We can also help you make payment on Fiverr, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, etc.

Handling Recurring Billing

We also have limited service for subscription payment.

We can help you pay for a service with monthly recurring billing if the merchant process the subscription fee with PayPal. We do not handle subscription fee payment that is processed with credit card due to complexity in managing such subscription.

You must also agree to pay us to pre-fund our PayPal two weeks before the next recurring payment.

How Does It Work?

You need a FasteCash account to be able to use FasteCash Pay4Me service. It is free to open FasteCash account.

Follow the steps below to use FasteCash Pay4Me service;

1. Open a FasteCash account if you don’t have one yet.
Click the link here to open FasteCash account.

2. Fund your FasteCash account with the amount you need to order for the product or service you want to purchase.
Kindly check the Pay4Me page of your FasteCash account to know the current Pay4Me exchange rate with dollar.)

You can pay for the service by funding your FasteCash wallet.

3. Login to your FasteCash account, move your mouse over the Pay4Me menu link at the left side of the page, then, click on Order for Product/Service.

4. Fill the form accordingly. See the image of the form below;

5. Where you have the Item, enter the product you want to buy. Let us say the name of the product is Internet marketing software, you will enter it there. Where you have Select the Currency you are buying with, click the radio button of the currency you are buying with and enter the amount of the product as it is indicated on the merchant website in the Amount text box. Enter the number of the product you are ordering for at the Quality field, then enter the website of the merchant at the Website field. If you have any other information you will like us to know as per the order, like login details etc, enter it at the Further Details field.

6. Click Proceed button to move to the next page. You will see the Review Pay-for-Me Request form showing you the amount you are to pay in Naira. The system converts the money from dollar to Naira value. See the sample image below. Also note that N5.00 will be deducted as SMS fee.

7. Click the I Agree check box and Pay for Me button to finalise the order request.

8. We will then go online and buy the product on your behalf. After the completion of the order, the order details or product will then be forwarded to you if it is a digital product.

This will likely be within 24 to 72 hours. For physical product, we will inform you about the shipping details and contact you with other necessary information. Physical product order is completed after the product has been received at our office.