Akpos’ elder brother, Rukewe, travelled to London months ago, leaving behind Akpos, their aged mom and their pet cat, kelly.

Last week Rukewe called from London to know how they were doing.

The following conversation ensued:

RUKEWE: Akpos how are you all doing, how’s kelly(cat)?

AKPOS: Kelly is dead.

RUKEWE (after a pause): Akpos you shouldn’t have told me that bad news straightly, at least u shouldn’t have gone straight to the point.

You would have just said that the cat fall inside well but the neighbours are trying to rescue him. Then when I call again, you will say he broke his neck but the vet doctors are trying revive him. Then when I call again, you will say they tried their best but they couldn’t save him. That’s how to reveal bad news in a mature way. Do you hear me?

AKPOS: Yes, bros.

RUKEWE: Ok. how is mother too?

AKPOS: Bros, mum fell inside well o, but neighbours are trying to rescue her.
(Phone cuts)

Rukewe has been admitted in a private hospital in London after going into coma.