Grab Your Copy of FasteCash Partners’ Revolutionary Summit Resources Instantly Online!

FasteCash Partners’ Revolutionary Summit was a smashing hit! It was like a time bomb delicately positioned for a positive explosive effect that will influence and permanently change the Nigerian way of doing business online.

The day witnessed 4 ideas packed and inspiring speakers:

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, MD/CEO, TechClick Limited
Fisayo Akinolu, CEO, Hulk Innovation
James Gbolagoke, CEO, BizXpert Consult
Temidayo Oluwabusola, Web Developer, Expert Fingers

All their presentations and other resources used at the summit are listed below for your download with a token of N1,500.00

You don’t need to regret for not being at the summit, you can still get the gist on video. You can also download it online instantly here.

Gbeminiy Oluwabusola,
TechClick Limited.

Presentation & Resources of Opportunities, Products and
Services Presented by Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola,
MD/CEO, TechClick Limited, at the FasteCash Partners'
Revolutionary Summit.

Drastic Redifining of Online Business in Nigeria PowerPoint presentation by Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola 27th May 2011

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint software application to view this.

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( FasteCashPartnersRevolutionarySummit.ppt, 0.98Mb )


This package includes video tutorials on how to use FasteCash Pay4Me to buy online without credit or debit card, how to upgrade from Normal FasteCash account to Classic, how to buy products from Infomart and how to list your product on Infomart and accept online payment.

Sit back and watch the step by step approach of carrying out this easy to use services, create more online opportunities for yourself and boost your online business.

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( FasteCash&Infomart, 67.8Mb )

This is a unique service that can boost your online and offline sales by 200%. It an uncommon list building system that is presently turning many business into automatic sales and money generating machine. The greatest thing that can happen to a business is to get right (money spending) prospects and keep them for life.

TechClick MagicResponder will deliver the key to the heart of your customers. You will never struggle again to sell to them customers, get feedback from them, announce promotion and keep in touch with them while you make them happen for as long as your business exist. The video tutorial in this package shows you how to use the service.

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                                               ( Videos are in .mp4 format, 78.8Mb )

MertiChoice Entrepreneurs' Network (MEN) is a network that is set up to mentor and develop entrepreneurial potential in each of its members by creating a platform that permits interactions, networking and business growth among the members.

This is a network you need to join if you desire a speedy growth with desire to create business empire in a shortwhile. Read more about the network in this guide and make a choice to become a member.

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( MeritChoice Entrepreneurs Network.pdf, 591kb )

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola made a bold declaration that anybody can become a landlord if he or she knows the secrets it takes to become one. He states what it needed to make that happen even for some with meagre monthly payment.

Download the presentation and see how possible it is for you not only to be a landlord but to also become a real estate agent and start making real money from land and properties.

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( How To Become Landlord with your current pay.pdf, 77.3kb )

Summary of Poweful Motivational Delivery of Fisayo Akinolu,
CEO, Hulk Innovation Nigeria Limited, on Business and
Starting Real Estate Business, Plus Instruction Guide on Why
You Need To Buy Into Hulk Estate Now.

Here is the summary of Fisayo Akinolu, CEO, Hulk Innovation presentation at FasteCash Partners' Revolutionary Summit tagged Fisayo's Straight Talk On Real Estate.

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( realestate.pdf, 619kb )

Fisayo states the reasons why you need to own a plot at Hulk Estate. They are compelling reasons for anyone that has eyes enough to see to the future. The properties in the area where the estate is situated will soon become goldmine in some few year from now. This is realy for smart investors.

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(Why You Should Own A Plot In HulkEstates.docx, 13.4kb)

PowerPoint Presentation & Worksheet on Secret of Financial Success In Business As Delivered at the FasteCash Summit
James Gbolagoke, CEO, BizXpert Consult

Many business men are sometime careless about this secret, most entrepreneurs are energetic and keep working to make more money but few check the financial records to know if what they are doing worth the effort. Secret of Financial Success as delivered by James Gbolagoke, CEO, BizXpert Consult, draws your attention to a key part of your business that can either keep you in business or throw you out of business. The presentation also comes with a worksheet that can be help to start your record keeping processes.

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(, 158kb)

Presentation of Temidayo Oluwabusola, Web Developer,
Expert Fingers on Importance of Programming To Internet Marketing and for Internet Marketers and Business Owners.

Temidayo approach to programming was a fantastic one, with a unique pespective that vividly present to those that want to participate in online business to at least learn programming in their lifetime even if they will not write a single code.

Why? He believed it will enhance their online business productivity as programming is the foundation ofInternet technology, process, business or any other stuff you may think about. Ultimately, programming is a skill that can turn you to a lifetime millionaire.

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( programming_for_im.pdf, 105kb | programming_for_im.ppt, 178kb)

VLC Software

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. This is VLC Software, to enable you watch all the video's.

Click the link below to download the player from the official website. It may be handy for you to paly some of the video tutorials in this package.

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If you need the DVD & Resources CD to be sent to you, then you will need to include the shipping fee of N1,000.00 if you are ordering within Lagos and N2,500.00 if you are ordering outside Lagos.