magicResponderMagicReponder is a unique autoresponder tool that can help a marketer or an organisation create massive database of people that are interested in the product or service of the marketer or the organisation. This database, which is often referred to as a “list” can be created through web form or phone. The person interested in product or service fills a web form online or he can send SMS to a specific phone number that is integrated with the MagicResponder system.

The MagicResponder has the ability to instantly send automated message to the subscriber email address or SMS to his phone.

The basic information to create a list is the contacts of the subscribers which may include, the names, phone numbers and email addresses. But with MagicResponder, you can collect other details like subscriber’s residential address, age, sex, etc. The other details may be helpful for you to determine how to properly serve your targeted audience. Not that alone, you can use some of these data to create a form of interaction and personalisation with the subscribers.

One of the uniqueness of MagicResponder that makes it different from other currently known autoresponder systems is its ability to opt-in people into a list through both online and offline means.  Most other autoresponder systems can only opt-in people if they are online or are connected to the internet via their smart phones.

With MagicResponder, those that are online can subscribe as well as those that are offline that have phones which may not necessary have internet connection and the phones are not expected to be smart phones. In as much the people you expect to opt-in into your list have phones that can send SMS, they can subscribe to a list created on MagicResponder.

MagicResponder therefore makes you to have an effective campaign whether you are promoting it online or offline.

With MagicResponder System, you can create unlimited lists. Each list is called campaign. For example, if you are selling information product, you can create a campaign with the name “information product subscribers”. On the same single account, you can create another list of people that are interested in your physical product. Let us say, you sell laptops and you want to have a list of people that are interested in buying your laptops, you can create a campaign with the name “Laptop Buyers”. With MagicResponder system, you can create 10 campaigns or 100 campaigns depending on the number of lists you wish to have, there is no restriction.

It is possible to follow up subscribers with a particular offer for several days. You can even schedule message both email and SMS to be delivered at a particular day and time to a list.  You can schedule message to be delivered to a campaign list for 365 days of a whole year or 366 days during the leap year. This is a powerful and new feature of MagicResonder.

The message can be delivered to email or SMS alone and you can set it to deliver to both email and phone at the same time. This is another uniqueness of MagicResponder that is missing in most of the other autoresponder systems you know.

You can also broadcast message to your campaign lists. The message will be sent immediately and subscribers on your campaign will receive the message. The message will be delivered to all the subscribers within a period of time based on the numbers of contacts on your list.

The system is designed to throttle which means, the messages are not sent to all the email addresses or phone numbers at once but it is done intermittently. This prevents email client systems like yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc to see the message as spam. The process looks natural to the email client systems and enables good percent of the message sent to be delivered directly into the inbox of your list subscribers.

MagicResponder makes it possible for you to personalise message that is being sent to subscribers. You can use the name of the recipients by introducing tags of the data you obtained from the subscribers. You can use something like “Dear [[Firstname]]”. The tag [[Firstname]] will be replace with the real name of the subscribers. So, you will have something like Dear John, Dear Seun, etc.

This personalisation works for both email and SMS you schedule or broadcast via MagicResponder. You can also use the tag [[Sno]] to give serial number to your subscribers. This can be used in various ways you like it. May be you will like to give the first 100 subscribers gifts, those that have receive numbers within 1 to 100 will know that they are entitle to your gift. It may also be used as seat number for seminar. You may likewise decide to use it as a form of receipt number to your subscriber.

This is one of the recent features of MagicResponder. To every email going out, there is “unsubscribe link” that makes it possible for anyone to unsubscribe from a campaign list. This is in compliance to the international CAN-SPAM law. If the link is not available and a subscriber reports that he or she is being spammed, there may be a total ban of such email campaign or a form of blacklisting which will affect a list owner from further sending out message.

The feature also saves you the hassles of manually deleting someone that does not want to receive message from you again.

For a while in the past, sending of email was not permitted on MagicResponder because of the resources it was taken. But with the present flexible pricing, it is possible now to broadcast email. You can send email to your list for as low as N0.01k (one kobo) for each contact on your list on monthly basis. Sending email or SMS still remains optional and you can make your choice, though you will need to buy SMS to be able to broadcast SMS. Here is the recent pricing:

Maximum number of Contacts
(You are paying)
(Per Month)
1,000 ₦1.50k per contact monthly ₦1,500.00
2,500 ₦1.20k per contact monthly ₦3,000.00
5,000 ₦1.00k per contact monthly ₦5,000.00
10,000 ₦0.90k per contact monthly ₦9,000.00
25,000 ₦0.60k per contact monthly ₦15,000.00
50,000 ₦0.50k per contact monthly ₦25,000.00
100,000 ₦0.40k per contact monthly ₦40,000.00
Unlimited ₦0.01k per contact monthly ₦50,000.00



To subscribe to MagicResponder, you will need to register at But you won’t need to register again, if you have an existing account on the site.

Click on Register link on the site, fill the necessary details, create a username and password and you will soon be redirected to login to the account. You can also send bulk SMS with ClicknReach. When you login, click on the link “MagicResonder” to go to the section.